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Tire Service at Wally's Nissan of Latham: Bring Yourself Peace of Mind

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Expert technicians and advisors are ready to keep your vehicle in top running conditions.

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white text 24-MONTHS ROAD HAZARD PROTECTION INCLUDED ON ALL ELIGIBLE TIRES. New tires are an investment. Road hazard coverage protects that investment by helping cover the cost to repair or replace a damaged tire. And unlike other tire stores that charge for this coverage, we include it on all eligible tires. Eligibility requirements. restrictions and other exclusions apply. See dealer for complete details on black background, on the right a new nissan ariya driving on highway

The Importance of Tire Service

Tire Tread Balding

A common indication it's time for a tire change, balding tires significantly decrease traction and safety in inclement weather. Using a penny or quarter to check your tread depth is a common method to determine whether or not your tires are balding dramatically, while a visual inspection may also clearly indicate the need for new tires.

Tire Cupping

While tire cupping is caused by poor wheel alignment, if left unattended for long enough the tread of your tires may be irreparably damaged - requiring new tires.

Changing Seasons

With winter months approaching, the impending ice, snow, sleet and rain create perilous driving conditions. Without the proper tires, drivers with fully functional summer tires may still find themselves sliding across the road. With all-season and winter tires available, our team of tire specialists get the right tires on your vehicle for the upcoming months.

Uneven Wear

To extend the lifespan of your tires, regularly rotating your tires assist in ensuring they wear evenly as you drive. Due to the inherent uneven weight distribution of vehicles, tires directly under larger quantities of weight typically wear at a faster rate. By performing tire rotations, our service technicians ensure your tires last throughout the season without fail.

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Tire Rotation

As you drive, your vehicle's uneven weight will eventually cause your tires to wear at different rates. To mitigate this issue, our team of tire specialists performs tire rotations to ensure each tire wears evenly as you drive. Protecting each tire's lifespan - in addition to maintaining a smooth ride and maximal fuel efficiency - tire rotations are a crucial maintenance task for any vehicle.

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Wheel Alignments

If you're noticing odd vibrations in your steering wheel, or feeling a pull toward one side of the road while driving, it's likely your wheels have come out of alignment. If left uncorrected, your vehicle will undoubtedly suffer decreased fuel efficiency, excess strain on mechanical components, and potentially render your vehicle unsafe to drive. Our tire center mechanics perform precise and expeditious wheel alignments to get you confidently back on the road.

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New Tires

With the changing seasons, selecting the right tires for the weather is crucial to ensure your vehicle's safety. Assisting drivers in selecting and installing the right tire for your vehicle, our tire center team ensures your vehicle is properly equipped for whatever weather comes your way. With available tire specials assisting in affordability, alongside expert installation for your convenience, our tire center outstrips the competition with the affordable and attentive tire service your car, truck or SUV requires.

Wally's Nissan is conveniently located in Latham, NY and our service center is even open on Saturdays.
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