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Nissan Financing Options

Buying or leasing a new vehicle: it’s a pretty big decision. At Nissan, we understand that, so we’ve gathered some important information to help you make the best financial choices.

Purchasing a Nissan

Purchasing is ideal for people who drive a lot, put their vehicles through heavy use, or are looking to build equity. It also gives you the freedom to customize your car as you please.

With its SignaturePURCHASE® competitive interest rates and quick credit responses, Nissan can help you make your car-buying dream a reality. SignaturePURCHASE terms range from 12–72 months and are available for new and pre-owned Nissan vehicles, as well as other pre-owned vehicles less than six years old.

Here are a few benefits of financing through Nissan's SignaturePURCHASE:

  • Drive as many miles as you want.
  • Travel with kids and pets, over gravel roads, and park in dent-prone lots without worrying about wear-and-use charges.
  • Carry lower limits for auto insurance than with a lease. (See your insurer for actual quotes.)
  • Customize your vehicle (though this may invalidate portions of your warranty).
  • Sell, trade, or transfer your title whenever you want.

Leasing a Nissan

Leasing is ideal for people who drive less than 15,000 miles per year, take good care of their vehicle, and want a new car every 2-4 years.

Nissan's SignatureLEASE® offers more choices than your average lease program. Terms range from 18-60 months.

By leasing a vehicle you can usually:

  • Get the vehicle that meets your needs more than what you could purchase for the same amount.
  • Pay only for the amount of the car's life that you use (which means a lower monthly payment).
  • Potential tax benefits may be available if used for business (depending on the lease, state, and tax laws).
  • Invest any savings in appreciating assets like stocks, bonds, etc.
  • You may potentially be able to spread applicable sales tax across monthly payments (varies by state).
  • Enjoy end-of-lease options: you can buy the car, lease another vehicle, or explore other choices (end-of-lease options excludes EV's).
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SignatureFLEX® Lease

Tailor your lease to the miles you drive. Take charge with regular updates on your current and forecasted mile usage and add miles on the go with SignatureFLEX® Lease.

SignatureFLEX® Lease FAQ

This is a new offering from NMAC where, for the first time, we will allow customers to purchase additional miles, during their lease term, to match their driving needs. It is also the first time NMAC will use Connected Car data to deliver more personalized communications to customers alerting them to how usage relates to the original mileage term. All new leases that started on or after 2/1/23 will have the option to purchase miles during their lease at just $.10/mile.

Yes, the SignatureFLEX® Lease program is unique to NMAC.

The customer will be able to purchase miles digitally via the NMAC customer portal or mobile app, at their convenience. There is no limit to the amount of miles customers can purchase, although there is no refund for unused miles. On a daily basis, customers can purchase a minimum of $20 of additional mileage and mileage must be purchased in $5 increments up to $2000 per day. Eligible customers must have an account in good standing and purchase miles more than 30 days prior to the lease maturity date.

No, the mileage purchase will be considered a separate event and will be handled as a one-off transaction between NMAC and the customer. Purchasing additional miles is a separate transaction and the residual value will not change.

If the customer purchases miles under the terms of a SignatureFLEX® Lease, the cost is $.10 per additional mile, compared to an excess mileage charge of $0.15 - 0.25 per mile based on contracted terms.

If their vehicle is so equipped, customers that have opted in to share odometer data with NMAC, will receive customized messaging to purchase miles when usage dictates, but data sharing is not required to purchase miles.

We follow security best practices when transmitting the data from Nissan to NMAC. Data is encrypted using 256 bit PGP encryption while transmitting.

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